ALBUM REVIEW: “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk” by One Days Notice

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Album Reviews, Blog

Right from the bat, when you read the title “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk” you kind of get the idea of what One Days Notice is all about. A band based in Cleveland, Ohio, One Days Notice is looking into breaking into music charts with their brand of music labeled “Fun Rock.” Anyone that lived through the 90s and early 00s will be very familiar with the sort of Pop Punk style these guys are still belting. I was once an angsty teen and this sort of music used to be my anthem.

It’s unfortunate that these guys are starting out now and instead of the turn of the century when you couldn’t tune into TRL (that’s Total Request Live for you young’uns) on MTV without seeing a band like Sum 41 in the Top 10 countdown. You see the influence of bands like The Offspring, Something Corporate, and Yellowcard throughout this album, and a wave of nostalgia and fun hits you like a ton of bricks. They are songs that are short, sweet, and easy to memorize; just pure fun. The best part is that with songs like “Ha Ha” you get a nice hint of Ska-like influence when it comes to vocals and get a bit of a Mighty Mighty Bosstones vibe. These guys would’ve been a big hit around that time.

The album’s sound quality is a bit rougher than people might be used to, but it’s to be expected from an independent band just starting to make waves since 2010. Though, they’ve clearly impressed some bigger producers such as Jim Wirt enough to get himto work on this album. (Wirt has produced albums for the likes of Incubus and Fiona Apple.) But the songs are competent and catchy enough that you can ignore a lower sound quality.

The only thing the band really needs to work on for their next album is to establish a sort of flow throughout. I know it’s harder these days for bands to release an album and expect someone to listen to it in full and in order. With programs like Spotify, you can listen to whatever song you want in whatever order you want. But there are still purists out there that will listen to an album and expect some sort of cohesiveness. Song order is very important when it comes to establishing the mood. It’s a little out of order, but it’s just another thing that is easily overlooked.

If these guys can capitalize on their stint at the Warped Tour and, possibly hop on to other festivals like the Honda Civic Tour and latch themselves to bands like Fall Out Boy, these guys can get really big really fast. They have the talent and energy to break into the pop punk scene and help bring it back to some sort of noteriety. Reports are that these guys are a great time live, so I don’t see why they can’t push themselves into the mainstream.

Defining Songs off “When Dinosaurs Get Drunk”: “Ha Ha”, “Call The Cops”, and “Time Won’t Stand Still”
“When Dinosaurs Get Drunk” is available on all major online retailers and their single, “Ha Ha” can be heard on YouTube at this link: